Dreaming about birch

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to dream of a birch, means you are happy with a journey to dream of dried birch, means injury or your close friend will have a health problem
The birch seen perhaps because of their tall, straight trunk a symbol of honesty, virtue and true love. It is often the symbol of spring awakening life, then they can for a little romantic longing for the simple, natural life are budding or embody new hope. Anyway, she is always interpreted favorably, though you should consider other symbols in the dream and the real life situation. – In spring-green she flutters in front of us a happy event. – Climb to the trunk of a birch tree protected from above, one can also go higher in life. – The birch in the Middle Ages as a magic protection against witches and evil spirits, which still proves the custom in Catholic areas to decorate in Corpus Christi or at Whitsuntide houses and barns with green birch, so that evil is out there. When religious people against this practice reflects the fear of the unconscious, that they might be vulnerable to evil forces delivered.
The birch tree symbolizes above all feminine qualities and soft, supple youthfulness, as well as practical sense and life experience. Birch shrubs on the other hand are for the mentally contradictory, unstable people, of whom one should be careful. Most birches announce however good is also occur unexpectedly.
– bears witness in a dream: feast of joy and is a good sign for sufferers; – see: good luck and good; – climb to: unexpected good fortune.

Meaning for seeing birch in your dreams

Hindu – birch in a dream means that you shall not act rashly, remember what you do; – green: should we not give up hope, at the last minute is always the chance; – large: eyes to heaven, if you have a difficult time and you will see that all is well again.
– fresh green look: unexpected pleasure; – withered: need help from others; – climb: you will experience pleasant. – wrapped or cut off: suffering and sorrow.