Dreaming about bird nest

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– To see: promises of domestic happiness; – Have on the roof: this indicates a blessed household; – Seek and find. means a lot of joy and happiness; – With eggs: they will leave you an inheritance, the blessing of children; – With little birds: in a lot of effort and work, but pleasure; – Remove or destroy: by a false step is to suffer severely; – With broken eggs or dead chicks: very bad omen.
– To see with birds: your success is you sure; – With eggs or young look: very great joy; – Exclude: domestic troubles; – Empty: you will soon start their own home.
– To see: your plan succeeds, also signs of a good marriage and financial prosperity; – To see eggs or little birds: you will soon look forward to coming; – Gather from eggs: vexation in family matters; – Get it from the boy: heartless actions will make you contemptible in the eyes of good people; – To see left: you should be starting a family with a little more time.