Dreaming about blindness

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to dream of being blind suggests there is something we do not wish to see. thus, the content and context of the dream are vital in deciphering its meaning.
A dream of warning whether the dream involved others who were blind or your own blindness, it is a straightforward sign of deceit among those you trust most
Those that are literally blind cannot see the world around them they can only perceive images with their mind´s eye when dreaming about being blind the message is of a psychological and spiritual nature blindness in a dream suggests that the dreamer may be unwilling to see some aspect of his life there may be a blind spot in the mind, heart and/or soul the unconscious material being processed by the dream threatens the dreamer, and he cannot bring it to his conscious attention the good news is that dreams are cyclical in nature a message that can not get through at the current time will repeat itself at a future date the very central point of dreams is to make us aware of all aspects of our lives and ourselves enlightenment and integration of unconscious and conscious components take time and desire what you cannot see in a dream currently will become visible when you are more able to effectively cope with the message this definition also applies to darkness and sleep as dream symbols
A dream involving blindness symbolizes ignorance you may not be using your knowledge appropriately in some area of your life

Meaning for seeing blindness in your dreams

Your subconscious signals that you see something wrong, as it is or that you look away; too often, if you do not like the sight: it shirks the responsibility!