Dreaming about block

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a block can be represented in many forms. anything interpreted as a block suggests we may experience instances in the future whereby we will run into obstacles. the dream is attempting to convey the message that one must manoeuvre.
Start economizing if your dream concerned a block of any hard or solid material, you may soon need financial help
To dream that you are chopping wood on a block, suggests that you are to get rid of someone who bothers you alternatively, to dream of being blocked out of anything, predicts that you will have conflict or hard work with a tough guy
A dream with a block symbolizes a warning if you see a block in your dream then it suggests you need to overcome something in your life

Meaning for seeing block in your dreams

– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.
– You are blocking something: you are very suspicious, do not be like that, it does not help you to take a decision.