Dreaming about blow

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beware of injury to yourself. if you receive a blow, you will be likely to get into difficulties of a serious kind. to defend yourself means a rise in business.
While stringed instruments are defined female, wind instruments to interpret the dream male, gay sex partners for the women, for men the risk of their eros. Wind instruments are fantastic games like find.
– blow in a dream means sign of happiness, avoid waste, or you could lose your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Hindu .

Meaning for seeing blow in your dreams

– on brass instruments: you will make yourself unpopular by being cheeky with friends and acquaintances; – an instrument: friendship; – with the mouth to remove dust or hot food and drinks cool: you will attract nuisance through lies; – (blowing) with their mouths: fire; – in the hand: thou shalt make a gift; – hear the wind blowing: strife; – blisters on your body: health.