Dreaming about bluebeard

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According to legend, Bluebeard^s wife has all the keys of his castle. He warned her explicitly to do not enter a certain room, or she erginge it badly. Of course you could not resist and opened the door to this room yet. There they found the body of the murdered former wives of the knight. The story is strongly reminiscent of the paradise and the apple. In both cases, leaving a paternal male figure of a woman ruler freedoms, but also makes recommendations that are transgressed. The vision addresses the imbalance in the relationship between the sexes, which means it makes those who have allegedly received from God, men over women. The manner in which this subject is handled in a dream, indicates how the dreamer is dealing with this problem. In dreams of women, it may indicate the liberation of the superiority, as in the legend survives the woman entering the room and tames the male monster.