Dreaming about boar

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to see a boar in your dream means that you need to look inside yourself to find the answers and secrets about you and the people around you it may also mean you are bored in a relationship
If you chased it or ran from it, be prepared for a disappointment if you killed it, you can expect a promotion
To dream of a boar, means you are meeting with friends that will remember an exciting journey
To see a boar in your dream is an indication that you should examine the characteristics and personalities of yourself and others more closely think about the play on words ‘they are a bore ‘
A dream where you see a boar can imply over aggression on a more positive note it may also suggest vitality and abundance
To see a boar in your dream, signifies that you need to look inside to find the answers and secrets about yourself and the people around you consider the pun, “they are such a bore”
Word associations are an agent of many dreams, the dreamer make the dream content carefully. Because many people do not have contact with boars, means boar; in dreams usually on; in the sense of satiety. – boar may symbolize something impetuous sexual needs, but that you must not under too much pressure, because otherwise you may lose control over it. – Starts or shoot a wild boar, warn of the envious.
The animal is a symbol of the male animal-power. In conjunction with celebrations and feast days, the boar represent lust and gluttony.

Meaning for seeing boar in your dreams

At the spiritual level, the boar is the dream of abundance and vitality. In connection with the mythology and fairy tales, the boar also represent evil.
– boar in a dream means (like Taurus) sexual hopes and plans; – see: one is frightened and threatened by enemies and opponents, malevolent neighbors try to harm us; – has to face: a particular incident will undermine betray the trust of a people; – a wild chase: unsuccessful efforts; – being chased by a: separation; – shoot or catch: is happiness; – being attacked by a wild boar: announcing an imminent danger; – teeths of boar: stand for happiness and profit.
– see in the forest: caution, you have the intention to bring you to justice; – kill: you will come into a society that does not like you; – catch: neider are near you.
– generally a symbol of difficulties at work with whom you expect have to apply and a lot of patience in order to achieve its goals; – see in the forest: a stubborn person will bother you; – meet in the forest: the confidence to love others will be shaken; – be threatened by him: you will be threatened by a ruthless enemy; – see the attack coming towards him: stubborn pursuit of enemies; – see runing: you have escaped to a hazard; – kill: you have to pass a dangerous adventure; – begin: joy and grace.