Dreaming about board

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Board is often required for the reorganization of life on a secure basis, especially when nailing planks on the ground, if you cut deal boards, this indicates a tedious work with little benefit. Sometimes you go on boards (eg surfboard, water) on the water, suggesting that in life is difficult to overcome. – A wooden board in a dream may indicate either that something must be repaired or that the dreamer may feel safer if he provides for his livelihood. – If the board is used to build something, it points out that the dreamer is enough material for a planned project. – If the board is used to build a box, the dreamer should be careful lest he fall into a trap. – Who builds his hut with planks would like to come clean with himself and more than shine. – Those who deal in dreams saws want to change some things in his life. – The type of wood may be of importance or the dreamer is able to remember something from his past. – Balances the dreamer in his dream on a board this refers to the fact that he received an emotional risk. – As part of a floor symbolizes a board safety, as part of a door, it is defense. – Processed into a decorative wall surface, there is jewelry for the inner space of the dreamer dar.
The smoother and flatter board, the clearer and more straightforward is the situation at issue in a dream. The symbolism lies in the function of the board: What was it used? Here is the answer to the question of what to slice; is so easy.
The dreamer has the necessary raw material for your life processes to conscious experience. Perhaps the dreamer must consider what is the purpose of his existence.
– board in a dream indicates a change or a move by a restless state of mind; – buy: the association brings with another person; – cut: bring a plague; – beat up boards: enlargement of the business or the domestic prosperity; – go on them with a water: a danger you will come out safely and without damage; – a young woman runs on a rotten plank over troubled waters, you stressed the indifference of a loved one. Other problems may occur or they must defend their honor.

Meaning for seeing board in your dreams

Hindu .
– to see: new and happy family events; – saw: death; – cut: wedding or christening.