Dreaming about boat ship

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body in most dreams, when the central focus is to do with the body it is the unconscious making us aware of the ego (to read more about the ego see the section on sigmund freud on the homepage). however different parts of the body can mean different things: abdomen, stomach, belly ? repressed feelings anus ? childish behaviour, egotism, control arms ? defensiveness, passion back ? rejection of part of oneself, vulnerable to the unexpected backbone ? those around us (support), character (spine) blood ? sacrifice, not coming to terms with fears breasts ? a need for nurturing, desire for ditching responsibility eye ? enlightenment, wisdom, protection, stability fat ? low self-esteem, inadequacy hair ? strength, virility hands ? power, creativity head ? power, wisdom heart ? emotional wisdom, compassion heel ? strength and vulnerability jaw ? self-expression kidneys ? need for cleansing knees ? emotional commitment limbs ? sexuality, gender related issues liver ? suppressed anger lungs ? grief, decision making mouth ? greed, gluttony nose ? curiosity, intuition penis ? impulses, unsatisfied urges skin ? protection teeth ? sexual maturity, aggressive sexuality throat ? vulnerability, a need for self-expression thumb ? power tongue ? a wish to share knowledge vagina ? self-image womb ? security, shelter additional dream interpretation… our sleeping thoughts revolve around us, and therefore we are always the most important subject of our own dream. the symbolism of our physical body is ripe for interpretation. we often dream of ourselves slimmer, more muscular, or with larger breasts, but such a self-image is a reflection of how we desire to be seen.