Dreaming about body

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A beautiful body seen in a dream is a portent of success. A female body augurs public approval, while a male body predicts business advancement.
Happiness good business ventures external form of internal nature happiness good business ventures external form of internal nature.
Happiness good business ventures external form of internal nature.
It’s a happy omen of success to see a body in your dream; this is true whether the body was beautiful or deformed a female body pertains to social success, while a male body signifies business achievement.
Dreaming that your see your body, means you expect changes in the personnel plan to dream that your body is wrapped in rags, blankets or sheets, suggests that you may lose your reputation or status dreaming that your body is naked, indicates that you may have health problems or that you could find out something bad about yourself to dream that your body is quite large, suggests that worries are ahead about your cash or property that you own to dream of a crippled and injured body, may predict an incident or disaster dreaming of a fat body, portends serious cash expenses to dream of a skinny body, portends poverty to dream of a body without a head, indicates that you will be confused and embarrassed to dream of a foreign body, means you are to be confused and find yourself in an awkward situation and you will need to explain about unpleasant things.
Dreaming about your body generally suggests that you are dreaming about your personal identity who we are is wrapped around what we look like our self esteem and self worth are too frequently dependent on our physical appearance this dream may be pointing out some of the difficulties or pleasures in daily life that are the result of self identity and based on attachment to our physical bodies the body in general is the symbol of self, and the details in the dream will lead you to further interpretation additionally, if you are dreaming of a specific body region, or part, consider your health status.

Meaning for seeing body in your dreams

Each part of the body can symbolize different ways of interacting with experience for example the head can represent ideas, while the shoulders signify responsibility or burdens explore the particular body part for more information see anatomy and body parts.