Dreaming about bolt

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to dream of bolts or holding a bolt, suggests you have your troubles and you will lose a valuable item
To see a bolt in your dream implies that you have a desire to avoid challenging issues and feelings the dream may also be a play on words expressing your wish to escape from an unpleasant circumstance
A dream containing bolts and nuts symbolizes a means of better understanding if you are bolting a door in the dream then it implies you are trying to shut out some emotions in your life it can also suggest that you are feeling entrapped
To see a bolt in your dream, suggests that you are protecting yourself from difficult emotions and experiences the dream may also be a pun on your tendency or desire to flee from a situation

Meaning for seeing bolt in your dreams

– to see bolt: big obstacles to your progress in your way; – old and broken: failures darken your expectations.
Hindu .
– None dream explanation in Islam.