Dreaming about border

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bottle in a dream if a bottle is seen, much depends on the type of bottle presented. for example, a medicine bottle may suggest a need to look at one?s health. a bottle of alcohol may denote celebrations, addiction, excess, or a need for cleansing.
Dreaming of a border is an important dream symbol that you should pay attention too   in your walking life you have made an important move that will change the way things are done   you are now on a new path that you would forget the past   if you pass a border with out permission suggests you crossed a line where you shouldnt have
A dream in which you see or cross a border means that you are traversing major new paths it also can symbolize the coming together of two different thoughts
A dream where there is a border symbolizes a potential transition period in your life it suggests that you need to alter the way you think about things to stand on the border implies that you need to make a big decision