Dreaming about boredom

Dreaming that you are bored, denotes that you are feeling emotionally drained and stressed.
To dream about anyone that is bored, predicts that you are to be harassed by the fact that someone is interested and is negligent towards their partners. Dreaming that you are bored, predicts negative feelings and anguish in reality.

Similar dreams:

  • ceremony
  • ...n – seeing or to attend in a ceremony or religious ritual in dream: you'll have a lot of boredom very soon. * a ceremony is an event of ritual significance and performed only on a special occasion.
  • blood pressure
  • ...tionally overwhelming you may need seeingk help or slow down low blood pressure represents boredom or a slow paced lifestyle you may be lacking excitement or need a change.
  • person or people
  • ...the time but it recently hit me that he was especially around when was rebelling against the boredom of high school he was having fun whenever broke the rules, or did something else exciting with that
  • empty
  • ..., simply because you're ready for things to go your way. this dream symbol also refers to boredom and loneliness. the idea that something is ‘empty’ in a dream advises that you have a sense of fulfillment
  • hippopotamus
  • ...or hostile competitor; in captivity (or in a zoo), it forecasts a period of frustration or boredom that will require real initiative and energy to overcome. if you dream of a hippopotamus, do not be
  • custard
  • ...t your life is full of richness, sweetness and nurturance. be prepared for a season of boredom and frustration if you dreamed of this bland type of food. for a married woman when you are dreaming
  • factory
  • ...rkplace and our attitude to our employment. an assembly line might suggest a sense of boredom for instance. dreaming that you are at a factory, represents repetitious thinking and old way of doing
  • invited
  • dreaming about a written or printed invitation foretells a period of depression or boredom coming. but a dream about getting an invitation by word of mouth forecasts an increase in social ac...

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