Dreaming about bottle

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a bottle is a common symbol for the kidneys
Full bottle: prosperity empty bottle: misfortune full bottle: prosperity empty bottle: misfortune
If the bottle in your dream was full, it forecasts luck with money if it was empty, it could mean a sudden setback related to money, a job or school if you spilled a bottle of something, you can expect irritations and quarrels with friends or family if someone hit you with a bottle, you will have an improvement in social status if you struck someone with a bottle, it signifies a coming embarrassment if you dreamed of a broken bottle, you may be rushing toward something unpleasant slow down and consider changing the direction your life is headed also see “baby bottle “
Full bottle: prosperity empty bottle: misfortune
The interpretation of this dream varies with its details if the bottle was full, it forecasts quick prosperity; if empty, sudden reverses if you spilled the contents, you can expect petty worries and domestic quarrels
To dream of an empty bottle, means you will want to lie to dream of a full tank, means that you will offer for cooperation to dream you break a bottle, suggests you will hurt someone who loves you for a long time to dream you have a bottle, means you will get news from a man you loved
To see a bottle in your dream indicates that you are repressing your emotions when you should be communicating them with others pay attention to what is inside the bottle a bottle of champagne suggests that you should mix and mingle more; get out and meet people a bottle of poison indicates that you are harboring feelings of anger and malevolence to see an empty bottle implies that you feel emotionally fatigued and don’t possess enough mental energy
Translation depends what kind of bottle it is if it’s a water or liquor bottle, it means you’ll encounter jealousy from work colleagues a baby’s bottle signifies a greater need for trust and intimacy with those involved in your dream

Meaning for seeing bottle in your dreams

A dream where there is a broken bottle symbolizes either failure or aggression to see a medicine bottle implies that you need to attend to your health a baby?s bottle implies that you need help with progression in some area of your life
To see a bottle in your dream, signifies how you may be pushing your feelings back inside rather than expressing them the contents of the bottle indicate the nature of the emotions a bottle of champagne shows your need to socialize, while a bottle of poison signifies evil thoughts to see an empty bottle, denotes that you have exhausted your inner resources you may be feeling drained and empty inside
Looking at bottles in a dream can represent ‘bottling up’ your emotions containers that hold liquids often refer to the flow of our feelings a waterjug can represent the pursuit of fulfillment, while many drinking vessels embody the pursuit of gratification you can dream of a bottle as something containing childish urges in the sense of a ‘baby’s bottle ’ if the bottle breaks, your usual ways of finding pleasure will no longer do the bottle is sometimes associated with feminine genitals and sexuality