Dreaming about bow

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to dream of a ribbon tied in a bow (on a dress, around a tree, etc ) is lucky, signifying happy relationships anything else tied in a bow represents respect you are acknowledging a greater and larger power in your life, whether that is spiritual or an authority figure to see an archer’s bow in your dream refers to the pursuit and accomplishment of your goals
To dream that you worship, indicates that you should be protected from false members of secret enemies dreaming that you bow in your dream, means you will be pleasantly surprised by the way someone treats you
A dream where you bow can imply that you feel inferior to someone or in some aspect of your life it can also suggest someone?s efforts to be superior to you
To bow in your dream, represents respect you are acknowledging a greater and larger power
The bow, as an instrument used to propel an arrow can symbolize drive while the arrow can represent goals or your desire to go after what you want, the bow has associations with how you go about it the bow can be functional or dysfunctional in relation to whether or not you are passionate about what you are doing it can also portray energy levels and discipline to bow in a dream can show concession or the need to be more flexible in a situation the message can also be that you need to ‘bow out’ or give in see also arrow and quiver
A bow like that of Cupid may, on the one hand the desire to be loved, indicate or symbolize the union of masculine and feminine. Bow (to shoot) is interpreted in ancient dream books as a favorable sign, one should be able to feel safe. If you shoot it yourself, you probably will soon experience an exciting adventure.
The arch in a dream may be a pun, referring actually to bend, bow. This suggests a feeling of inferiority. Although perhaps the dreamer has no reason to feel inferior, he feels perhaps on an unconscious level, the need of another person to feel superior and confesses to him that in the dream state. If the dreamer sees in his dream of an arc with a colored ribbon instead of a string, this represents a connection to the feminine principle and the feminine beauty.
On a spiritual level, the sheet of superiority, union of male and female, or standing for the ritual celebration.

Meaning for seeing bow in your dreams

– Triumph Arch would promises you climb too high and constant efforts by wealth; – go through: many who previously ignored your position, you are now asking for advice; – if a young woman collapsed arch: she will be unhappy in your new situation; – arrows: show a lot of trouble in life; – shoot with bow: means an adventure; – seeing children playing with it: experience pleasure; – a sheet of paper: some news.
Hindu – bow in a dream means that you are under good protection.
– None dream explanation in Islam.