Dreaming about breaker

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The symbol for the soul of the waves and waves of emotion,; you will say: Do not worry, let yourself fall and enter your wishes for. Or completely banal and still valid: you love the sea and were not too long there. In both cases, an avowed dream of longing and the encouragement to fulfill them.
Generally symbolizes the ups and downs in the life, soothed with difficulty and warns against excessive, sense of security. You can also indicate strong emotion by which one is uncertain. – The higher the waves and the stormy sea that the stronger are the emotional upheavals of the dreamer. – If the surf is steady and calm, then this points to a balanced spiritual life.
– breaker in a dream means that your all will have to muster your tact to get rid of an unwelcome suitor.
Hindu .

Meaning for seeing breaker in your dreams

– None dream explanation in Islam.