Dreaming about breeze

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to dream of a mild breeze is indicative of love, peace, and compassion. on the other hand, a stiff breeze suggests a certain degree of harshness.
To dream you feel a breeze, means that you will have a long journey and a good return
To dream of a breeze symbolizes the shifting of thoughts and small alterations in the course of events
A dream involving a breeze or wind is symbolic of purity to feel breeze in a dream indicates that you have a calm mind
To feel a breeze in your dream, represents the movement of ideas and minor changes
Wind is normally attributed to the mind. A slight breeze therefore symbolizes love, while a stiff breeze can be a certain amount of aggressiveness.
The breeze brings fresh air in a dream and therefore for most people a happy time.
On a spiritual level, it means the breeze virginity, unconditional love and spirituality.

Meaning for seeing breeze in your dreams

– be exposed by strong wind from behind: success in speculation; – fight against: loss of business and trouble for working people.
Hindu .
– None dream explanation in Islam.