Dreaming about brilliant

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Diamond (gemstone) warns frequently against overconfidence, which leads to arrogance and conflicts with other evokes, while may be noted that behind the outward appearance, in truth considerable feelings of inferiority and insecurity are that one tries to hide by showing off and that any something had to be ground into us. But it may also be that the gem represents a high ideal, or a true loving man that has / you previously may not have noticed or underestimated.
– very often feelings of inferiority: bluff, own over-valuation; – see that you have or find someone who loves you devotedly; – wear self: mostly overvaluation of oneself or severe inferiority complex; – see at your hand or on the neck: it always tries his feelings of inferiority to cover up appearances (also showing off); – look at the other: a warning against false means people; – get paid: engagement or improve the situation, a happy event; – lose: a person who loves you will leave you.
Hindu .
– in general brilliant in a dream: beware of false friends and flatterers; – clean and polished: a symbol of integrity and clarity; cubing striving for power and intellectual arrogance; – contribute to one^s own hand: it is worshiped by a people in the immediate vicinity; – losing a diamond ring: a separation from a loved one is imminent.