Dreaming about bubble

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to dream of bubbles is a reminder that life is a transitory state; that even something as beautiful and perfect as a bubble has a limited time to ?exist?. additional dream interpretation… to dream of a bubble can sometimes suggest we are too boxed in; that we are in need of branching out. buckle to dream of a buckle implies we have accepted responsibility for something we have done that we do not feel good about.
Bubbles, in dreams, stand for rebirth or a completely different way of looking at things if the bubbles are in the air, it stands for excessively lofty ideas you need to be more practical about the situation at hand
To see bubbles in your dreams, represent merriment, fun, and childhood joys it may also symbolize wishes or unrealistic expectations in deciphering this dream symbol, consider also the phrase of “bursting one’s bubble”
Bubbling can be a cryptic symbol of sexual feelings coming to the surface the bubble is a round symbol that can suggest an idea of something fragile that might burst, since longevity is not its strong point as it rises upward, it can symbolize hope and aspirations or ascending in an effort to rise above something by releasing it something oozing would suggest repressed feelings that are festering
If you dream of for example a bubble given by the hand, think about it, which they arose. Did you perhaps burned fingers;, because you played with fire (feelings)?
– to see some bubble: it threatens big business problems if you do not pay attention to your health and your strength to endure; – if the child is inflated bubbles that your expectations are not met.

Meaning for seeing bubble in your dreams

Hindu .
– None dream explanation in Islam.