Dreaming about bucket

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to carry water or milk in a bucket is a sign that you will remember happier days. it foretells death if you stumble over a bucket.
To dream you see a bucket, means you will take care of your family if the bucket is full of water in your dream, means you will win in the contest or competition to dream the bucket is full of dirt, means it is a warning that you could have poverty and you will lose your status
To dream of seeing or carrying a bucket suggests that your life will significantly increase in value or quality if the bucket is filled, then it indicates that you will find prosperity and lasting relationships if the bucket is empty, then it implies that while you will experience a challenge or deficit, you will eventually prevail
A dream where a bucket is overflowing suggests that you are experiencing excessive emotions, whereas an empty bucket implies that something is missing from your life

Meaning for seeing bucket in your dreams

To see or carry a bucket in your dream, indicates an improvement in your current situation if the bucket is filled, then it signifies abundance, love and wealth if the bucket is empty, then it signifies that you will overcome some loss or conflict