Dreaming about bug

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bugs, such as ants, in dreams often represent people who “bug” us, or situations that are disturbing and that give us “the creeps ” is this a situation, ask yourself who you would like to get away from or exterminate in waking life? biting bugs, such as bees, reflect concerns about people or situations in waking life that can cause emotional injury maggots represent death leaches represent people who “suck the life” out of us ticks represent people who feed off of us and, in some cases, “infect” us   if you find a worm under your skin in a dream, it represents people or issues that have gotten “under your skin” in waking life and may also represent a health issue that you feel is “crawling around” inside you related dreams bugs in my hair related dream symbols bee spider
1 something is bothering you that is, “bugging” you this may be on an unconscious level, so watch for other signals in the dream 2 an illness that might not be readily apparent in short, a “bug ” 3 a minuscule or unseen enemy astrological parallel: scorpio
To see a bug in your dream, means you should face up to your problems
To dream of a bug represents an issue that is causing you apprehension it refers to feelings of unease and concern it also suggests that you are intense and serious about a new pursuit or leisure activity in addition, the bug can symbolize fantasies and desires relating to sex

Meaning for seeing bug in your dreams

To see a bug in your dream, suggests that you are worried about something it is symbolic of your anxieties and/or fears what is literally bugging you? consider also the popular phrase “bitten by the bug” to imply your strong emotional ties or involvement to some activity/interest/hobby alternatively, the bug may be representative of your sexual thoughts