Dreaming about building skyscraper

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being up high in a dream is a sure sign that you’re stepping out on a limb in your life because skyscrapers are locations where big business gets done, thing about big plans you have for the future most likely concerning your career that are weighing on your mind if you’re standing on a skyscraper and are worried about how you will get down, think about the precarious position you’ve placed yourself in recently you’re worried about a “crash and burn” landing and need to locate the fire escape to make a safe exit decisions to jump off of a skyscraper indicate a willingness to take a leap in your life; to head out in a new direction, even though you’re uncertain about the outcome if the elevator in your skyscraper isn’t operating properly, rushing you wildly to the top or falling suddenly to the bottom, take this dream as a sign that you want your career questions resolved soon you want to arrive at a level that’s just right for you