Dreaming about bungee jumping

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to dream about bungee jumping means that you are able to rebound from disappointments and defeats it is vital to realize that you were willing to gamble in the first place
To dream that you are bungee jumping, represents your ability to bounce back from adversities and setbacks in your life the important thing is you took the initial risk
Perhaps you dream of a jump that you do. One should not confuse this with a drop or fall! It may be that it is going well in life to make a leap forward to reliving the dream. If you had a bungee-jump full confidence in the rope, this one says that the actual companies all goes well. Or are you afraid of? Was it dark? If so, this represents a warning, then you should think about his current life situation once again and find out if you never dreamed was too trusting and confident. Had you been looking really good before you jumped?