Dreaming about burglar

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an intruder, unwelcome person or event, loss of something. being forcibly deprived by someone*s actions.
Additional dream interpretation… when we dream of burglars, we may have fears regarding safety, security, and financial affairs.
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might expect burglars in your dream predict an increase in worldly goods, and if you caught them, it will probably be by way of an inheritance
To dream of seeing or being a burglar is an indication that you are losing your stamina it can also mean that worries and angst are making it difficult for you to deny others
A dream where you are a burglar suggests that you are feeling drained in some part of your life it may also imply that you are feeling like your personal space is being violated in some way
The burglar represents one aspect of you that may be undermining another, as in working too hard and not being open to relationships, and so you dream of having your ring stolen you may dream of having belongings stolen like a purse or wallet when your identity or job status is changing also see intruder under archetypes and universal characters
Burglary is often a danger that you have not even noticed, but probably can avert. Behind it can also be the need for sexual adventures expressed when one suppresses sexuality too strong. Partial collapse in guilt and shame come because of alleged or actual misconduct to light, which is repressed, especially when one is caught in a break-even. Burglars are flocking to our peace of mind, want to destroy the order and take possession of that which is dear to us. If a burglar enters the stage of the dream, the dreamer then witnessed the violation of his privacy. Sometimes the break in our house is also only the impulsive thought that meditates astray. Trigger this access can be an external source or rampant inner fears and difficult emotions. For women it can also be connected to fear of sexuality. Assuming an intruder in the dream, you will be expected in the near future praised and rewarded.
A part of the psyche, yet denies penetrates, now high in the consciousness and must be adhered to. Be burglar (a female dreamer): the dreamer should ask himself honestly what he wants in life is to steal? A little bit of adventure, or a few hours of relaxation, distraction, perhaps? It expresses the dream of the need to secretly acquire something seem to open way is not possible. Burglars also represents an exaggerated distrust by seeing in his environment greed and deception, and tends to blame for conflict always first to look at the others. A typical dream of people who constantly even without any reason are afraid of material losses and negative surprises.

Meaning for seeing burglar in your dreams

At the spiritual level, there is a forced entry mental or physical kind.
– see burglar in a dream: sexual instinct life breaks through; – by ice: announces a devastating news; – (burglary): announces an impending disaster, even an unpleasant surprise; – the house: your good position in business and society is under attack, but with courage and determination, you can successfully defend; misfortunes may befall careless people; – are raided by burglars: to fight with dangerous enemies have, this will destroy you if you in your dealings with strangers are not careful; – passed a burglar the police: one will win a trial or be rewarded for efficiency. – Burglary see: an unpleasant surprise is before you; – run yourself: one longs for wealth; – be stolen: pay attention to the health; – a discovery in itself, but find that nothing was stolen: warning of impending danger; – for women^s dreams of burglary is sometimes an indication of a love affair.
– be yourself: your things will be successful; – In-house note: you should take a terrible impending threat that affects oneself or one^s neighbor, in eight.