Dreaming about burn

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signifies the disintegration of something, or a loss that is beyond your control. it can also involve an emotion like anger dissipating and coming to an end.
The disintegration of something, loss, ending, beyond control. emotion or anger dissipating,
A dream where you are burning something symbolizes the release of outdated opinions or ideas in some aspect of your life to observe something burning implies that you are putting an end to something in your waking life
Consuming energy and in fire and flames rise.
Where my passion is strongest?
This vision is bound to fire and passion as well as symbolizing parting, separation and destruction. The more passionate the fire burns, the greater the destructive power, which refers not only to individuals but also to opinions and circumstances. Anyone who sees a fire in a dream is to experience something that leaves a strong impression, the flames are bright, will turn everything while smoke and fumes indicate unpleasant consequences.

Meaning for seeing burn in your dreams

– if something burns: apply to small seizures the next day; – burning brand: promise of a favorable fate, if you do not hurt them; – burning houses without smoke: improved skill.
Hindu .
– see burning objects and buildings: misadventure, adverse experiences; – burn self: you^re in love.