Dreaming about burn down

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It depends on what burns in your dream. Is there a meadow or a field of stubble, so the soil for new seeds will be prepared, translated: you can beat out a property from an almost abandoned thing. If you see there bright light smoke or flames, you can expect a favorable outcome or a joyful event.
Burn down a house or the roof structure is often used as a warning of concerns and needs, like sample: burns the roof of a house means that the cranial nerves or the mental attitude of the dreamer is disturbed, or in the control center of the brain got anything out of order.
Fire and water symbolize always emotional energy: fire purifies. Bright flames herald a new idea.
– lots of smokes dreaming: inconvenience; – to dream bright flames: great joy; speedy success; – (White) smoke: good news; – roof truss: a bad meaning, points to a dangerous trend; – Go to a house, whose roof is burning: you should prefer a current affair planning a retreat; (sometimes signal a sinus disease); – dreaming smoke billowing from the chimney: something is in an uptrend;