Dreaming about buying

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a dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think indiscriminate buying in your dream indicates a need to conserve your resources conversely, if you were buying carefully, you can expect a stroke of money luck
If you dream that someone is buying something, you could be ruined if you dream that you are buying something, your financial situation will improve
To dream about you or another person buying an item signifies your acquiescence to some concept or circumstance look up the particular item for more detail
To dream that you or someone is buying something, represents your acceptance of an idea, condition, or situation consider what item you are buying for additional analysis

Meaning for seeing buying in your dreams

Whenever you are buying something in a dream, you are ‘shopping’ or exploring the idea of what is valuable to you along with the idea of self value if it is a type of clothing, the message can be tied to exploring your identity jewelry can represent the things you do to impress others, while furniture represents the ideas that you ‘rest upon ‘ a car would be changes that are being made to your motivation