Dreaming about cable car

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dreaming of a cable car symbolizes your stamina and strength if the ride was smooth and pleasant, you have the durability to succeed in your goals if the cable was frayed or broken, this suggests a lack of strength or self confidence if you felt endangered in your dream, this symbolzies discouraging prospects in love you may need to be more cautious and sensible in some aspect of your life if you dream of escaping from the dangerous situation, you will rise to a high position in your social circle
To dream of a cable car is alerting you to a precarious situation in your waking life a cable car in a dream suggests a risk taken and a sense of anxiety as you await the outcome dreaming of being alone in the cable car can mean that you were unconsciously secure in a recent decision dreaming of a cable car full of people indicates the need for support whilst you await some important news a moving cable car in your dream implies that things will turn out okay and that there is little need for anxiety at all
Funicular means that one manages to climb without having to make a special effort.
– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.

Meaning for seeing cable car in your dreams

– playing quietly in the lottery, you will certainly make your fortune.
– cable car in a dream means that you will have things in luck.