Dreaming about cactus

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if you dream of being thrown into a clump of cactus, it predicts a series of annoying occurrences. if you see a cactus plant in bloom, you may expect good luck in one form or another. to transplant cactus signifies going from bad to worse. to give a cactus plant in a pot to a friend portends a quarrel.
Dreaming of a cactus suggests you feel like your space is being invaded by someone
When this desert plant enters your dreamscape, it is a clear symbol of frustration and thwarted desire if the cactus appears in a pool of water or is dripping with fresh rain, you have likely recently overcome the worst of your adversity
To dream of a cactus, suggests that you will be questioned by someone to dream of being given a cactus, suggests you should not come to rash conclusions to dream of a cactus in bloom, suggests that you will have a difficult affair to dream of throwing a cactus, suggests that you will be fussy
To dream of a cactus is an indication that you feel your personal space is being invaded you feel unable to breathe and are seeking space and privacy the spines of the cactus are the physical representation of this wish in many cases, you may feel you are in a situation you cannot get out of conversely, the cactus may indicate a personal desire to learn to protect yourself to dream of a cactus may also be a subconscious reminder that you need to learn to grow as your life changes
Dreaming of a cactus is usually the indication that you are feeling crowded, or that someone is invading your space, and since the cactus has the prickly spines for defense this represents to the dreamer a wish to establish a boundary and protect your privacy a cactus also represents winning out over adversity as it is found in the desert and has adapted itself to hot, dry, growing conditions, thus the dream could be telling the dreamer to adapt to the existing circumstances if he/she cannot change them

Meaning for seeing cactus in your dreams

A dream with a cactus implies that you are feeling that your personal space is being invaded and you are seeking more privacy the dream could also suggest that you are being too isolated or defensive
To see a cactus in your dream, suggests that you are feeling invaded your space is being crowded into and you feel like you are being suffocated the prickly spines of the cactus represent your wish to establish a boundary of your personal space and privacy perhaps you have found yourself in a sticky situation alternatively, a cactus may be symbolic of your need to defend yourself in some way to see a cactus in your dream can also signify your need to adapt your existing circumstances instead of trying to change them