Dreaming about caduceus

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in the medical profession, the caduceus is the sign used to demonstrate physical healing. thus, when a caduceus is presented in a dream it typically signifies health related issues. this can be applicable to our own health or that of others. our body can sometimes make our subconscious aware that it is need of looking after; that an expectation exists to be in good health. as such, the presence of a caduceus may imply the dreamer needs to undertake more appropriate action to achieve this.
Dreaming of a caduceus indicates that a change in your economic situation may be at hand to dream of holding a caduceus above your head suggests a sudden burst of creative energy followed by the cleansing of an unhealthy situation sometimes confused with ‘the rod of asclepius’, the symbol used in medicine and the healing arts, the caduceus can also indicate an unexpected healing of a physical or emotional nature
A dream with a caduceus implies that you need to improve your health in some way, physically or mentally this two headed snake represents an imbalance