Dreaming about cafe

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the meaning of your dream about seeing or sitting in a cafe depends on how fancy it was if the cafe was very posh or snobby, the dream is a warning that you will encounter temporary setbacks or a sudden extra demand on your resources this might be in the form of an unexpected expense if the cafe was a type you would normally go to, the dream signifies pleasant social activities connected with friends
If you are dreaming that you are in a cafe, it means that you have many questions
To dream of a cafe implies a secret desire to be noticed a dream of a busy cafe denotes the ability to grow in confidence and to be more productive in your career and/or social life dreaming of an empty cafe belies a deep loneliness and the ability to overcome it at this time in your life any cafe within a dream is a reminder that to overcome awkwardness in your daily life, you must first acknowledge your feelings without judgment then become involved in activities you might normally shy away from
As a meeting place to explore less formal characteristics about yourself than a banquet, the café allows you approach the idea of nourishment as a place of a ‘quick exchange’ in a social setting getting food on the run shows the demands of social pressures that undermine fulfillment see banquet, food and restaurants under houses and buildings