Dreaming about calculator

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to dream about a calculator suggests that you need to completely think through some problem you’re facing and evaluate your choices very carefully this dream symbol may also be represent a person in your life who is “calculating” or scheming
To dream of a calculator, suggests that you should not trust a particular technique on other peoples work and you do your wok yourself and check it
To dream of a calculator indicates there is an issue or situation in your waking life that requires your careful consideration you have several options available to you, and it is important that you carefully map out your plan alternatively, it may represent a particularly crafty friend
To see someone you know well using a calculator indicates that circumstances may soon bring out a colder, more calculating, side of this person if you are totaling up a bill, or a debt, that someone owes you, it is an omen that you will have to dun someone to receive your money or your property back if you are calculating your monthly bills, or debts, it is an omen that you will soon have harassing business worries

Meaning for seeing calculator in your dreams

A dream with a calculator symbolizes complexity to see a calculator in your dream suggests that you need to be aware of possible risk in your working environment, or to weigh up the risks in a present endeavor
To see a calculator in your dream, suggests that you need to thoroughly think through some problem and carefully evaluate your choices you need to lay out some sort of plan or outline the symbol may also be a metaphor for someone who is calculating, cunning and scheming