Dreaming about calf

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a camel can signify stamina. depending on the situation/environment, the camel is symbolic of the unusual.
In celtic society, wealth was measured by the number of cattle a person owned and so dreaming of a calf shows promise of the acquisition of wealth as calves were often included as part of a bride’s dowry, dreaming of a healthy, frisky young calf is a harbinger of marital happiness
A suckling calf is a sure sign that all your hopes will be realized a butchered calf indicates a disillusionment; a frisky calf is a happy omen for marriage or affairs of the heart
Dreaming that you see a calf, means you are to get along with peers and relatives and will improve your financial situation to dream of many calves, suggests that you may do something silly or wrong dreaming of a calf with its cow, suggests that you will be determined and proactive dreaming that you eat a calf, means that your efforts may not be effective

Meaning for seeing calf in your dreams

To see a calf in a dream is an indication that you lack experience you need to mature and develop your talents and skills
To see a calf in your dream, signifies that your financial standing will improve and you will enjoy immense pleasure
This is the youthful version of the cow and bull and can represent how you suckled or adopted characteristics from your parents see cow and bull under animals