Dreaming about camping

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natural living back to basics denial of basic needs
To dream about camping signifies upcoming changes in the dreamer’s life it may also foretell a long and tiring journey
Natural living back to basics denial of basic needs
If you see people in your sleep that have gone camping, expect joyous moments with friends if you dream that you are camping in nature, you’re will have calm days ahead
To dream that you are camping implies that you are facing much stress and pressure in your life you want to get away and have some time to unwind and rest perhaps you have a desire to live a less complicated life or spend some time in a more calm and serene environment it may also represent the people you associate with you want to be a part of the group, but also keep your individuality
To dream that you are camping, suggests your need for relaxation and a long deserved break you may be looking to be more in touch with nature and for a simpler life alternatively, it refers to your social circle and support group you need to have a sense of belonging, but at the same time be self sufficient and independent

Meaning for seeing camping in your dreams

Natural life, return to the simple things in life.
I denied my basic needs? I am well grounded?
An icon for the connection of the simple life (in nature) with casual social contacts. Who dreams of being positive, open for the various meetings and for a changing environment: a common dream during a phase of life where you do not want to define you you want to look around and compare before you. Who would the other hand, negative experiences, camping has an increased need for safety, security and seek the opportunity to at any time (even physically) to retire.