Dreaming about can

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to dream of opening a can of food is a sign that you will be shamed by someone of whom you are very fond. if you cut yourself on a can, you will lose money through a bad investment.
To see a can in your dream, indicates that there is something in your past that you need to hold on to and preserve the dream may also be a pun on how you “can” do something don’t underestimate your abilities and talents to dream of an empty can suggests that you are contemplating some venture or activity which would turn out to be disappointing and a waste of effort don’t try anything unfamiliar for a while after you have this dream
The significance depends on the details and the action in the dream if the dream involved many cans and they were full, you can likely expect some good news to reach you quite soon if you opened a full can, you may discover some very useful secret knowledge; if you drank from a can, you could soon have unanticipated joy however, if the can featured in your dream was empty or discarded, or if you threw it away or cut yourself on it, you may have serious financial difficulties ahead reexamine your plans for an alternate road
A closed can indicates that you want to know anything that is kept secret from you. An open invitation is to take an opportunity. In addition, the can symbolizes female sexuality. Important in the content of each case.
– a locked can that can not be open has to do with feelings that you want to keep in any case under wraps. – An open can indicates that we give something, so anyone want to give a donation. – An open can could mean of contrast shows the exuberance of feeling that one is willing to give away. – What was in the can?
– can in a dream is a symbol of the vessel sheltered life without all this loss; – use: you will hear good news; – lose: disagreement is with himself; – see: you^ll hear something pleasant, you can enjoy pleasure and favor; – made of hard wood, bone, etc.: warns against assuming ugly habits; – silver: displays a gift of honor, has advantages; – gold: wealth; – (snuff) lose: win in the game; – sniff it: you^re making a pleasant acquaintance; – nicely painted: pleasure; – get a gift: you get to honor and prestige; you have good friends.

Meaning for seeing can in your dreams

– can made ??of wood or horn: puny profit; – can made of metal: good prospects; – beautiful decorated or painted: pretend to be something special; – to lose box: your forgetfulness brings you harm; – tobacco snuff in it: come up with good ideas; – get offered a pinch of it, or offer someone: make new friends.