Dreaming about can t see

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difficulty seeing or blindness in dreams are common metaphors for “difficulty seeing clearly” in real life if you are blind in a dream, it means you’re feeling lost and confused about your direction in life are you turning a “blind eye” to an emotional issue or problem? if you dream that a friend, business partner or relative is blind or can not see clearly (or has lost her glasses or contact lenses, etc ) in a dream, you may perceive that person to have a weakness, “disability,” or area of naiveté that requires your help if everyone else can see in the dream, and you are blind, ask yourself if a secret is being withheld from you related dream symbols eye related dreams lose an eye
To dream that you are can’t see, represents your refusal to see the truth in a situation if you dream of somebody else who is blind, it is a warning that someone you trust is trying to deceive you