Dreaming about candle

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to make candles in a dream promises hard work with little reward. to light them is a sign of improvement in your home affairs. to snuff them out portends unhappiness.
Candles in dreams imply we are seeking understanding or clarification about some topic or concept. candles can also mean the individual is reflecting on the past. when present on a birthday cake, candles are indicative of a transition phase. additional dream interpretation… lighting a candle is symbolic of asking for something that one may need.
Candles indicate you have an intuitive / psychic ability with your inner light (candle) you can see where others can not
Dreaming of a burning candle at night holds promise of a beacon in the darkness if you’re feeling a little down when you dream this, it’s a sign that there is hope, and things will soon get better a new, unlit candle indicates untapped potential, while a candle on the verge of guttering out heralds the end of a project, usually intellectual in nature candlesticks carried by individuals imply an increase in your social life
Illumination search for something
Illumination search for something
This dream symbol is very positive that imply intellect and hidden talents   a burning candle might represent the symbol of life
Lighted candles in a dream promise improvement in all your affairs; however, unlighted ones portend an impending disappointment in domestic or love affairs if your dream featured candlesticks being carried, you can likely expect a most welcome increase in social activity short and/or guttering candles signify the opening of new opportunities for you

Meaning for seeing candle in your dreams

To dream that you buy or see candles, means that you will cherish the good of your family and relatives dreaming of a candle in church, indicates that you will regret something to dream of the twinkle of a candle flame, means that you will have news and ahead to dream of a candle burning away, indicates weakening of vital forces to dream you blow the candle out, means you are to abandon someone or give up something to dream that someone lights your candle, suggests then you are to fall in love to dream of any candle, symbolizes good health
To dream of a burning candle represents gradual and constant future prosperity, wealth, or happiness you are satisfied with your position and situation perhaps you are searching for inner peace lit candles can also represent wisdom, knowledge, and honesty to see an unlit candle can indicate that you have fears of failure and not being accepted by your peers you need to be try your hardest to achieve your goals, rather than making only feeble attempts to see a candle blow out in your dream implies that you have given up an important part of your personality or character this item of value has been lost or discarded to watch the candle burn down to nothing in your dream symbolizes your attitudes towards losing your youth and sexual attractiveness to see a red colored candle in your dream represents a lover or partner that you are currently involved with you should spend more time with this person in order to determine if this relationship is going in the direction you desire then again, perhaps there really is no romantic connection to be found
A dream where there is a candle or candles suggests that you are trying to understand something in more detail to light a candle implies that you are asking or hoping for something that you want or need candles symbolize undiscovered knowledge
To see a burning candle in your dream, signifies that good luck and hope will be coming your way in small and steady amounts you are in a comfortable stage in your life and may be seeking spiritual enlightenment lit candles are also symbolic of intellect, enlightenment, awareness or the search for truth to see an unlit candle, denotes that you have feelings or rejection or disappointments you are not utilizing your fullest potential to see a candle blow out in your dream, indicates that you are surrendering a significant aspect of yourself you are letting go of something that used to be important to you to watch the candle burn down to nothing in your dream, signifies your fears of aging and dying or a fear of sexual impotence
You may light a candle in the darkness to gain greater vision into what appears dark as a symbol of enlightenment the candle offers an image of hope and celebration as in the desire for new life, or having a child