Dreaming about cannibalism

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to dream of eating human flesh implies there is something about ourselves that we have not come to terms with; something that we may not necessarily want to ?give up? so we continue to partake but to our own detriment.
Dreaming of a cannibal or cannibalism, means you have to delay making a serious decision on some issue or deny any proposals received
To dream of cannibalism indicates a dangerous and prohibited fixation that you or someone else possesses it may represent an affair, jealousy, or resentment a direct interpretation of a cannibal is their desire to completely devour a person in essence, this dream may be suggesting that some part of your life is sapping your emotional and physical strength this could be your job, home life, or lover you should try to avoid situations and issues that can cause you harm and distress to dream that you are a victim of cannibalism represents the pressures and burdens that you are experiencing at your job, home, or other circumstance
To dream of cannibalism shows that your unconscious feels a need to consume someone else’s energy are you emotionally draining the people around you? if you dream of someone eating you, be careful of the people you surround yourself with they’re not good for your self esteem

Meaning for seeing cannibalism in your dreams

Dreaming of a cannibal or cannibalism shows that you are being tempted into doing something that you should not do leaving you with the feeling of regret ´eating you up´, inside it is a warning to stay out of those kind of situations if you have not already been tempted into it
A dream with cannibalism symbolizes inappropriate behavior  a dream where you are eating flesh implies that you do not like certain actions of others or certain foods
To see cannibalism in your dream, symbolizes a destructive and forbidden desire or obsession in a literal sense, cannibals consume people’s lives, along with their energy this dream may then denote an aspect of your life (career, relationship, children ) which is consistently draining your enthusiasm and vitality to dream that you are a victim of cannibalism, signifies that you feel that you are being “eating alive” by work, a relationship or a situation in your waking life