Dreaming about canyon

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if you dream about a canyon, you will have quarrels with someone maybe parents or a boss about money matters you should also put off any shopping decisions for a few days
You’ll need all the tact you can muster to avoid quarrels and/or disagreements over money matters if your dream featured a canyon, especially if it was wooded you would be well advised to postpone any business discussions for a few days
To dream of a canyon, means you will have to pass through the test
To dream about a canyon indicates your subconsciousness and suppressed or disguised emotions this could indicate intuition or feelings and relationships that you were unaware existed within your own life

Meaning for seeing canyon in your dreams

To see a canyon in your dream, represents your unconscious mind and hidden feelings it may point to emotions and relationships that you did not recognize
The canyon is a place where two mountains (conflicting ideas) come together, representing how you are exploring a transition or a pathway forward sometimes this dream comes after meeting conflict in another and suggests the middle ground where resolution is possible if it is associated with descending the canyon can also suggest becoming more down to earth, or grounded in your ideals see descending under placement and perspective