Dreaming about carrion

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dreaming that you see or smell a carcus, means you will have troubles and problems
Carrion is often equated with corpse. Only the carcass of a horse in ancient dream books is partially understood as a promise of long life, but it certainly play a role in mystical ideas. Or find a carcass: heavy or not very successful period of life. Also: A plan or a task is completed or abandoned. If we see an animal dead in front of us, the importance of the animal are determined as a symbol to know more.
Appears in a dream the symbol of carrion means that a problem is solved, it must be unpleasant decisions. It may be a separation or a leave of persons or things, or ways that a relationship will be ended. Carrion calls often to give a letter of intent (plan to die;), which is futile and will only lead to trouble.
– dream carrion of mammals: long life, pleasant time; – seen from a different animal: abandonment of a thing; – to see carrion of birds: fulfillment of a wish; – see lying in a meadow: healthy and long life; – foul odor spreading: your hopes will not be fulfilled; also: to loss, aversion or disgust mourning for the near term; – to touch in a dream: damage or disease.

Meaning for seeing carrion in your dreams

– to see carrion in dream means pain and grief: suggests that a certain joy is just for short perriod; – the repelling of the carcass is, the more unpleasant is a solution the current problem.