Dreaming about cats

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A feminine power symbol. Attributes are by image portrayed.
Dreaming of a cat, denotes ill luck, if you do not succeed in killing it or driving it from your sight if the cat attacks you, you will have enemies who will go to any extreme to blacken your reputation and to cause you loss of property but if you succeed in banishing it, you will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune and fame if you meet a thin, mean and dirty looking cat, you will have bad news from the absent some friend lies at death’s door; but if you chase it out of sight, your friend will recover after a long and lingering sickness to hear the scream or the mewing of a cat, some false friend is using all the words and work at his command to do you harm to dream that a cat scratches you, an enemy will succeed in wrenching from you the profits of a deal that you have spent many days making if a young woman dreams that she is holding a cat, or kitten, she will be influenced into some impropriety through the treachery of others to dream of a clean white cat, denotes entanglements which, while seemingly harmless, will prove a source of sorrow and loss of wealth when a merchant dreams of a cat, he should put his best energies to work, as his competitors are about to succeed in demolishing his standard of dealing, and he will be forced to other measures if he undersells others and still succeeds to dream of seeing a cat and snake on friendly terms signifies the beginning of an angry struggle it denotes that an enemy is being entertained by you with the intention of using him to find out some secret which you believe concerns yourself; uneasy of his confidences given, you will endeavor to disclaim all knowledge of his actions, as you are fearful that things divulged, concerning your private life, may become public.
Dreaming that you can hear cats meow, predicts that you may learn that you were deceived in love, or will dissolve your marriage or engagement dreaming that you see many cats, means you have secret and hidden enemies to dream that you see white cats that are female, predicts that you will lie to dream of a cat with kittens, predicts that you will get married or have an offspring to dream that you catch a cat, suggests that love still eludes you dreaming that cats bite or scratch, predicts that you will fight for justice and will seek the truth to dream of purring cats, means you will conquer a hard partner to dream that you see many cats, predicts that you may become a victim of fraud.