Dreaming about cave

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dreams incorporating caves are metaphoric of getting in touch with the inner self. these gateways at first are scary but in due course, after exploration, can become safe havens.
Caves in dreams are metaphors for the unknown, because they are dark and mysterious places, and because we do not know, when we crawl into one, what we will discover
A cave is a good symbol for the womb and brings you back to when you were in your mother^s body
Inner or hidden issues female sexuality the past change and separation from love ones
Dreams of caves signify self awareness and creativity if there is a cave in, you will experience some unexpected misfortune or disagreement
Inner or hidden issues female sexuality the past change and separation from love ones
An obstacle dream if you found your way out, you can expect eventually to overcome your difficulties; if you failed to get out, you must prepare for an escalation of your worries for a rather long period dreams involving cave dwellers are an omen of marital happiness
To dream that you wonder into a cave, suggests that you have doubt ahead to dream of a caveman, means you’ll have a change in marital status dreaming that you see a cave, means you are to enlarge your wealth to dream that you go or out of the cave, signifies that you will change your views dreaming that you see a damp, dark or cold cave, means you are to find yourself in an inappropriate place or company to dream that you are in a cave, predicts that you will have setbacks and difficulties of your work
To dream that you are walking in a dark cave represents your subconscious mind or the attempt to seek out shelter it signifies that you are enduring bad fortune or an argument that wasn’t foreseen
A cave represents the hidden you^who you truly are how did you feel inside the cave? were you frightened? was it cozy? caves also refer to rebirth and a changing of old ideas

Meaning for seeing cave in your dreams

Caves are rich and thought provoking dream symbols at times, a woman with reproductive issues may have a cave dream, in which case it represents the womb the cave, as the womb, can represent new life, creativity, warmth and safety the cave can be a general symbol of a safe place, a sanctuary or a refuge if you are experiencing much anxiety in daily life, in your dream state you may retreat to a warm cave where you cannot be disturbed by worldly demands the cave could also represent the mysterious and unexplored parts of ourselves it could be symbolic of the unconscious mind, which could be a pleasant or a frightening experience your personal associations and experiences with caves, as well as the details and the emotional content of this dream, need to be carefully considered before making an interpretation
A dream featuring a cave symbolizes untapped creativity within if you crawl into a cave it implies that you need privacy or feel isolated to come out of a cave implies new beginnings and more desire to get involved
To dream that you are walking in a dark cave, signifies refuge or the unconscious mind it also denotes that you experience some unexpected misfortune or disagreement
The cave is associated with the womb and those parts of your nature that you appeared to be born with going within a cave and descending into the earth is symbolic of digging for your roots and getting more ‘down to earth ’ the cave also has a strong connection to the mother and may be representing how you are searching for the roots that tie you to her behavior see forest and womb