Dreaming about cedar

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any dream featuring the smell or use of this aromatic wood is an omen of happy contentment with your lot, whatever it may be
If you are dreaming of cedar, suggests all the trees will bear good to dream of ready cedar, suggests it is the prediction of a long and peaceful life and good friends
Cedar represents strength of conviction and health it can also signify earthiness do you need to get back to basics? cedar chips can signify scattered thoughts get your ideas together and focus your priorities
Keywords: Periwinkle; strength; nourishing (physically and mentally); smoking; cleaning; pungent; Western Guardian of the Spirit.
Description: The cedar, in the West and in Mudjekeewisis associated as the guardians of the Western Spirits, is an evergreen tree that is distributed worldwide. It plays a prominent role in the smudging ceremony, in the smoking, and both its needles and its inner bark can be burned for that purpose, and the resulting smoke exerts a strong cleaning effect. In earlier times, the earthy Native Americans have used the cedar wood to build houses and canoes, but also for the production of garments, ceremonial and other objects.
General meaning: The practical aspect of your spiritual nature, a realistic picture of your spiritual nature, a deep cleaning.

Meaning for seeing cedar in your dreams

Association: Symbol of Lebanon.
Transcendent importance: Administration of ancient wisdom, a strengthening in the dream state, help with a disease.
European – To see many cedars: honorable future; – If you see green, & well-formed cedar tree: terminate a pleasing success in a business; – To see dead or ill cedar in dream: expect a distress, you will not achieve your goals anytime soon.