Dreaming about celebrity

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dreaming that you are a celebrity means your desires and wishes may be beyond your reach at the present moment. to dream that a friend or lover becomes a celebrity suggests your fear of losing the friendship and loyalty of this person. to see a celebrity in your dream, or even to be dating or making out with a famous person in your dream, represents your understanding about him or her and the feelings he/she generates in you. something in your waking life has triggered these similar beliefs and feelings. it is not uncommon that a real-life obsession with a certain celebrity may carry over into your dream world. celebrities are often seen as heroes and role models for certain qualities or the fame and acceptance we want to achieve ourselves. to dream about a celebrity dying signifies that your feelings about that person are changing significantly. perhaps you no longer admire what they once represented to you. alternatively, you may want to repress that aspect of yourself represented by that celebrity. also see actor/actress.
Symbol of social status and attention dreams of friendly interaction with celebrities reflect feelings of increased social status, especially when a celebrity treats us “like an equal ” attempts to contact a celebrity reflect needs for recognition, attention, and validation in our lives if we experience difficulty reaching the celebrity, this may reflect unfulfilled desires for status and approval related dreams sex with a rock star!
To dream of celebrities in formal dress indicates that you are on the verge of a minor personal success, while casually attired stars confirm that a small, intimate victory has recently been yours if the famous people are ignoring you, perhaps you need to reduce your obligations and focus on what’s really important to your heart
To dream that you see a celebrity, suggests that you are to show jealousy toward something or someone dreaming yourself as a celebrity, means that someone will offer flattering words to you

Meaning for seeing celebrity in your dreams

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