Dreaming about cell phone

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a cell phone indicates you are clairaudient clairaudience is a gift where you literally hear messages from the spirit world mostly the messages are heard as lines from songs popping into your head the segment of the song will repeat over and over making you wonder why you can^t get it out of your head once you accept it is a message it immediately changes to a line from another song or stops if it is the end of the message it can also work through hearing lines from movies
A cell phone is a symbol of communication it can also mean connection to friends, family, community see also “telephone call” a cell phone is a symbol of communication it can also mean connection to friends, family, community see also “telephone call”
To see, hear or speak on a cell phone in your dream, signifies a message from your unconscious or some sort of telepathic communication you may be forced to confront issues which you have tried to avoid to dream that you are having a cell phone conversation with someone your know, signifies an issue that you need to confront with that person this issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself to dream that you do not want to answer the ringing cell phone, indicates lack of communication there is a situation or relationship that you are trying to keep at a distance if you can’t reach someone on the phone in a dream, you must listen to your inner voice more closely for your life to move on the way it should if you dreamed about hearing static on a cell phone line, you need to pay closer attention to what people tell you this dream also suggests that you are feeling left out of things to dream that you have trouble hearing over your cell phone suggests that you are the center of some malicious gossip to dream of a broken cell phone means there could be some rumors going around about you it also symbolizes a breakdown in communication between you and a person or group in your real life also see “caller i d “, “message”, “prank phone call”, “telephone book” and “telephone number”
In the world of dreams, a cell phone represents a barrier to communication, not a convenience to dream of a cell phone conversation could mean that you are feeling a barrier between yourself and the person on the other end of the line, and you should attempt to express yourself more clearly if you are using the cell phone to communicate with spirits or otherworldly beings, the opposite is true

Meaning for seeing cell phone in your dreams

If you see in your dream a mobile phone, it means that you are parting with a relative or good friend talking on a mobile phone in your dream, means you are to interrupt a significant association or not to have a promise to you fulfilled seeing that someone is talking on a mobile phone, means you will suffer losses if you dream that you hear the phone ring, you will discover that you have an enemy or competitor that was not expected if you dream that you have a broken cell phone, then you are to get a buzz
To dream of a cell phone implies that you are open minded and willing to accept other opinions or viewpoints you are also a very flexible person to dream that you lost your cell phone indicates that you feel unable to express your emotions sufficiently you need to do some soul searching and access your spirituality
To see or use a cell phone in your dream, indicates that you are being receptive to new information it also represents your mobility