Dreaming about chagrin annoyance

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Chagrin (annoyance) can embody aggressiveness, which repeatedly leads to conflicts, if you do not control them better. A grumpy-closed nature is also sometimes expressed in it.
– Such a dream is considered to many enemies, opposition and ugly disputes; you will wake up and discover that the matters develop fatally wrong; – In the dream you instigate: you will search for disputes; – You are dreaming you see that others are behave peevishly: this is a sign for unpleasant activities and bad companions.
– To have annoyance: you will reconcile yourself with your enemies; – In the dream you have chagrin with the neighbors : avoid hypocritical and flatterers; they want only your downfall; – You havee an anger with a superior : you will be rewarded because of your diligence; – You have it with your wife : luck and peace live in your house; – With your husband: you do not always have the last word; – With the relatives you have anger: someone grudges your happiness; – With the brother : you can leave on your business partners; – With the sister: your success will not keep waiting any more for so long; – You have the annoyance with the cleric: respect the order and do not be insincere and disingenuous; – With an old woman you have an anger: you will lose prestige through your own fault; – With strangers: you will soon see the falseness through your business partner.