Dreaming about chain

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to dream of chains can mean the individual feels they are in bondage and trapped. however, such dreams can also provide insight as to what needs to occur for the dreamer to free themselves of being chained. chains are often used as symbolism in the dreams of people suffering from addictions.
A chain represents a karmic obligation for example a silver chain indicates you are obliged to develop and use your psychic ability to help others
Bonds the strength of many escape from some difficulty
Bonds the strength of many escape from some difficulty
To dream you see a chain, means you expect worries and misfortunes to dream that you are buying a necklace, means you will be lonely to dream that some other wears the necklace, means you will not be pleased with your achievements and benefits
Seeing a chain predicts good news in matters of the heart if the chain is shiny and sparkling, it can also predict a wedding engagement

Meaning for seeing chain in your dreams

A dream with a chain or chains suggests that you like to be surrounded by people; you don?t like to be alone this also implies your need for communication with others chains in a dream can also suggest that you are feeling held back in some aspect of your life and you want to get out of this
Suggesting cause and effect, the chain can be a symbol of either bondage or strength the links in the chain can signify the circle of life and your connection to it how the chain is portrayed will provide clues as to which of these issues are being strengthened or broken