Dreaming about champagne

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a universal symbol for celebration if you are drinking champagne, clinking glasses and laughing and talking with other people, great good fortune lies ahead if a champagne glass is spilled, however, or a bottle broken, the celebration is premature and there is still much to be done before you can consider a project completed
To see the opening of a bottle of champagne sometimes represents the dreamer’s romantic or sexual feelings for a certain person or, dreams that feature champagne can often signify a celebration or a personal achievement that you are proud of
To dream of a champagne party is a warning against overextending yourself financially, unless it was a wedding party, in which case it predicts success in affairs of the heart
Dreaming that you drink champagne, predicts that you are to enjoy friendly company to dream that you open or buy champagne, indicates that you would have spent what you had saved
To dream of opening of a bottle of champagne represents fantasies and desires relating to sex it can also indicate satisfaction and fulfillment as a result of an important accomplishment
To see the opening of a bottle of champagne, is symbolic of a sexual act it is also representative of a celebration or a personal achievement that you are proud of
Champagne (sparkling wine) is often a happy event, which will only be of short duration, although there are still so full of hope began. Perhaps it is also an underlying need for expression, from a firmly established order of life which restricts too much from time to time to break out, to have an adventure.
Those who dream of spirits especially the tangy sparkling wine drinking wants to enjoy life without thinking about tomorrow. Perhaps this is a moral barrier is disengaged, the uninhibited sexually.

Meaning for seeing champagne in your dreams

– champagne in a dream means unsettled life, much pleasure, infidelity, inconstancy. – See: luck of short duration; unlucky omen for love affairs; – drinking alone: one finds no sympathy in his environment; – drinking in society heralds a joyous pastime; – break a champagne bottle: a stormy experience bears witness to itself.
Hindu .
– drink: does not build too hard on your happy relationships; – beware of excessiveness and extravagance.