Dreaming about change

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if the main feature of your dream was the general impression of an atmosphere of change, it is a straightforward omen and you should be prepared to adjust to a change that may not be entirely to your liking however, if the change involved an alteration in the direction of a walk, route or vehicle, the dream is a warning against procrastination in making decisions be more positive
Dreaming that you make some change, signifies that you are losing a small amount or will spend money on unnecessary purchases to dream that you change something back, means that you will have less profit than what you count on
– A garment: the great change in circumstances.
– see: one will not rule over you, forbid you; – Expire: good work is rewarded; – Pay: good business; – Issue: you^re careless; – Can not pay: you will get into debt; – Change: do not be so careless; – Money exchange: you^re wasteful.

Meaning for seeing change in your dreams