Dreaming about channel

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to dream of a channel means that you too are a channel you can communicate with spirits puns on the word also mean this for example, the english channel or channel islands
To dream of a channel, suggests that you will have difficulties at work to dream you fall into a channel or drainage pit, means that you will be defeated by your rival opponent to dream of dealer channel, indicates you are in trouble transporting goods or outstanding transactions to dream of dirty water in the channel, suggests that there is big trouble to dream of clean water in the channel, suggests that the problems will be short and not too serious to dream of a navigable channel, suggests that things will proceed slowly, or you will come across a difficult problem to dream you jump in the channel, suggests you will benefit from someone that is defeated and gone to dream of seeing irrigation channels, means you will be the authoritative defender in your business
Mediumship, communication with higher realms.
What part of my higher self is ready to talk?